The Top Must Read iOS Newsletters

Lately I’ve taken to subscribing to newsletters to get my fix of news. The emails are usually full of well curated content and I prefer it over RSS and even Twitter, sometimes. With this, I’ve found a few relating to iOS that you might find useful too.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly is a curated feed of iOS Development news by Dave Verwer. I love getting this in my inbox and it’s full of Dave’s commentary, jobs listings, new tools and usually a funny tweet or two. It’s also worth mentioning that Dave built Curated, the platform that powers these emails. Worth a look if you’re thinking of starting your own.

This Week in Swift

This Week in Swift is a curated feed of Swift news by @NatashaTheRobot. It features Swift stories relating to Apple Watch, iOS, Mac, Videos, Conferences and more!


NSHipster is a delightful journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. It’s updated weekly by @mattt and a few others. They also publish books, quizzes and have merchandise. is a book and newsletter from Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert, and Florian Kugler. While they’ve stopped writing new issues for now, they have created some long form books. The old issues are solid reading though on a variety of topics, usually tackling one issue at a time.

The iOS Times

The iOS Times is another newsletter I found just today. It’s written by Giovanni Lodi. It is a weekly publication with news and trending projects in the open source iOS ecosystem.

Reader Suggestion: State of the Union

State of the Union is produced by Konstantin Gonikman. I’m a new subscriber to this one, too. However, it looks like a solid newsletter, with emphasis on not repeating other links and brief commentary. Thanks to Konstantin for the suggestion.

Reader Suggestion: iOS Goodies

iOS Goodies is a weekly iOS newsletter curated by Rui Peres and Tiago Almeida. It has articles, tools and controls, stories about business and even tips for UI and UX. It of course, has some “goodies” also. Thanks to Rui Barbosa for the suggestion.

Reader Suggestion: Indie iOS Focus Weekly

Indie iOS Focus Weekly is a collection of iOS tools, tricks, ideas and marketing tips aimed at independent developers. It’s created by Chris Beshore and thanks to him for suggesting it.

Reader Suggestion: iOS Dev Nuggets

iOS Dev Nuggets is a weekly email with just a single, short and easy to read tip on iOS. Formerly iOS Dev Tips Weekly, it’s now rebranded with a back-catalog of over 150 issues! Thanks to the author, Hwee-Boon Yar for the suggestion.

Go Subscribe!

Go ahead and subscribe to these newsletters! More often than not, these are people volunteering their time to put these together. Subscribers are a great motivation for them to keep up the good work!

Did I miss something? Let me know and I’ll check it out and add it!

Notable mentions

These ones came in from comments or tweet replies that are worth checking out, even if they’re not strictly newsletters.