Sam Jarman is a software engineer / improv actor / public speaker / writer and future thinker living in Auckland, New Zealand.


I started programming at 14 with an interest in building Websites (with iWeb!) and coding in C. The bug came back in 2009, after the release of the Apple App Store, and I jumped into Objective-C programming to create iPhone apps. By 17, I had ~15 apps on the store and a few offers to make apps for others.

From there, I studied at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. I completed a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, majoring in Computer Science. During that time, I did internships at Smudge Apps, Telogis and Carnival Labs. I also was a Google Student Ambassador for two years. 

From there, I joined Carnival Mobile, which 18 months later joined Sailthru. During this time, I become a competent (and improving!) polyglot programmer, but keeping an eye for iOS. In addition to that, I enjoyed thinking about product rather than just programming. I really enjoy reasoning about marketing, product/market fit, MVP, documentation, design, user experience and much much more. I consider myself a product builder rather than “just a programmer”. It keeps things interesting. Digital products are more than just code.

Just for something a bit different, in 2014, I took up improvised acting, after enjoying Theatre Sports during high school. Since then, I have gone on to perform in three New Zealand Fringe festivals in Wellington and Nelson. I have led sessions and perform primarily with the Wellington Improvisation Troupe. I now perform regularly with WIT in Attack of the Killer B Movie. I am also a member of Dubious Virtue the house team at the Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre. I also am a regular performer in Headliners vs The Headlines, a panel show with current events and banter.

Outside of my software engineering day job and acting, I also write and speak on topics around technology. I have a blog series called Junior Dev Diaries, where I write helpful guides to typically non-programming topics for junior software engineers. To compliment this, I have an written interview series called Dev Chats where I chat to a diverse set of programmers, testers, security engineers, UXers and tech leads about their careers, how they got to where they are, and their advice for others. Over 30 interviews so far, and counting. I also am lucky to do some public speaking and appear on podcasts about iOS, careers, software and futurism, which I also write about too. I also write long form guides from time to time, such as my guide to Developer Experience and Push Notification Best Practices.

In addition to the speaking and writing, I also help organise two “Meet ups”. I help organise the Wellington chapter of JuniorDev, and the Wellington Chapter of Cocoaheads (an iOS/MacOS programming meet up). I enjoy giving back and growing the local communities here in Wellington.

In 2018, I was honoured to named New Zealand’s Young IT Professional of the Year. I was delighted to receive this award and have my efforts appreciated. This industry is awesome, but wont get better by accident, so I’m proud to play my part.

In 2019, I moved to Auckland, New Zealand and am excited to get stuck in to what New Zealand’s biggest city has to offer.