The End of Dev Chats?

Hi there!

TLDR: Do the survey here, and enter your email address for a chance at $25 USD. 

Last week I proudly published my 30th interview on Dev Chats. Dev Chats started as a silly idea as I was out running one day, as a way to turn some of the relationships I had into great career guidance for others. I knew some pretty incredible people and I thought I'd get their story on a page. As time went on, I met others and with my personal mantra of "don't ask don't get", actually got some pretty amazing guests. 30 of them. 

Now, 30 interviews is a good place to stop and reflect on how it's gone. The first part of this will be a survey. As a reader of Dev Chats,  I would love you to participate. As an added incentive, I'll be dropping $25USD into one lucky recipients Paypal account.

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Next up, I'll read all the interviews again, and pull out some common themes for a blog post. I'm also intending to create a page about books on my website, with what I'm reading, read and will read, plus the recommendations from Dev Chats. From there, I'll consider a "Season 2". This may be a great single season show, like Firefly

Lastly, I'd like to say thank you.  Thank you for reading Dev Chats and being part of the journey so far. I've really enjoyed bringing you Dev Chats and I really hope you've enjoyed them too, and got some value out of them. 

I doubt this is the end, but I'd still like your thoughts. Please do the survey, it'll mean so much to me if you do. Be honest, be constructive, help shape the series you want to see. 

Be safe and have fun!


PS: Sorry for the clickbait title, but really, please do the survey.