Announcing: Dev Chats

Hello my wonderful readers and supporters!

For the last three to four months, I've been bringing you Junior Dev Diaries - articles based on my own developer career experiences. I've published over 12 articles now and have received such great feedback and positive comments from junior developers around the world. It's been truly humbling to see so many tweets, dms, comments, etc about the articles.

But I am just one person with one point of view. Now, it's time to hear from someone else! Announcing: Dev Chats. Dev Chats is a new series where I talk to developers/Ops/CEOs/CTOs etc about their career with technology, and hope to extract valuable insights for you

I'm launching with two interviews with two very different people in different roles. Nick Parfene, head of Mobile at TradeMe (New Zealands Premier Auction Site) and John-Daniel Trask, CEO and co-founder of Raygun (Crash Reporting and Performance Monitoring). Each have a unique perspective on software careers and development.  I really hope you get something valuable from reading the interviews. 

I hope to bring you a new interview each week. Junior Dev Diaries will continue, but not weekly – articles will appear as I have more insights to share, or ideas come from the interviews. For now, enjoy Dev Chats!

With my deepest and sincerest gratitude,