Fixing Learn

Hi All! If you’re a UC student, you may have noticed that Learn/Moodle has a built in PDF viewer. This is typically pretty useless in most cases. To fix this, I created a simple bookmarklet that you should drag to your favourites bar in Chrome. What it does is opens in a new tab or […]

Flying Social

Hi All! Last night @FlyAirNZ tweeted that they were looking for volunteer writers for their “Flying Social” newspaper. Twitter revolted. No one was interested in creating content for them for free with the promise of a few retweets. Here’s what I think they should do instead. Think about Air NZ. What do they do best? […]

IT Recruiting (Part 3): Making the most out of careers fairs

Hi all, I hope you’ve enjoyed my previous two posts and are now ready to read the latest instalment. This one is all about how your company can make the most out of attending a careers fair/expo/etc. DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of CompSoc or the University […]

IT Recruiting (Part 2): How to hold excellent technical recruitment seminars

Hi All So in this post I’ll be covering technical recruitment seminars. I’ve been to over 30 of these during the last three years… I’ve seen the whole spectrum that students react like “LET ME WORK FOR YOU!” to “definitely not”. Hopefully by reading this post you move your company’s presentations to the better end […]

Targeted Advertising

Hi There, Just wanted to write a quick post about targeted advertising. Everyone seems to hates ads, and this probably comes from the days of old when you didn’t have control over your ads, such on the radio or tv, and yes, those are annoying. They are non-optional. They are often not relevant. They are […]

iOS Apps 2.0

Hi there I’ve started to notice a trend in the app store, and I wanted to share my thesis about what is happening. These days we’re seeing some incredibly awesome apps come to the store, the latest of which was probably Clear, a todo app that has a clean, almost metro, UI and a great […]

Tech Predictions for 2012

Hi There, After my greater than random chances with predicting technology trends in 2011 and 2010, I thought I’d quickly write up my guesses/hopes for 2012. In no particular order… 1)iPhone 5 and Retina iPad 3. These new products will feature redesigns as well as the usual speed boosts and performance gains. 2)Windows Phone 7.6/8. […]

LG Quantum (WP 7) First impressions

Hi There,   I recently got send  Windows Phone 7 device in the form of a LQ Quantum. So far I really like the phone, and runs WP 7 really smoothly. There are however some things that have started to irritate me, but I’ll come to those later. Firstly,on first boot of the phone, like […]

NZiDev 2011

“I have just had the best weekend of my life…I went there to make contacts, find work experience and to learn. I came out with that and much, much more!” - Sam Jarman, iOS freelance developer, on NZiDev 2010               Hi There As this years coerced poster boy for NZiDev, […]